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The Resolution Pro Excel Addin

When Resolution Pro is installed, the Resolution Pro Excel Addin will automatically be registered as an Addin with Microsoft Excel. As such, every time Microsoft Excel is opened, the Resolution Pro Excel Addin, its Ribbon Tab or Menu Bar, and its functions, templates and dialogs will be available. If you do not wish to have the Resolution Pro Excel Addin automatically start every time Microsoft Excel is opened, then you may unregister the Resolution Pro Addin. If the Excel Addin is not registered with Microsoft Excel, it can still be launched via the desktop shortcut or via the Start menu.

Note that Resolution Pro uses a companion addin called 'LockXLS Runtime'. This addin must always be registered with Microsoft Excel in order for Resolution Pro to function. The desktop shortcut and Start menu shortcut launch 'ResolutionHome', a companion spreadsheet to the Excel Addin that has the same functionality that is available in the Resolution Pro Ribbon Tab or Menu Bar, but it is instead presented as a workbook with hyperlinks to the various templates and dialogs of Resolution Pro.


The Ribbon

The Resolution Pro Excel Addin has a Ribbon tab for Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013


The Menu Bar

The Resolution Pro Excel Addin has a Menu Bar for older versions of Microsoft Excel



Displays fully functional templates for a wide range of instrument types. When a template is selected, a new Excel workbook will be opened and given a name based on the template name. The workbook can then be saved as an ordinary Excel workbook.


Function Database

Displays the Function Database, which categorizes all Resolution's functions. The Function Database is a convenient way to select the most appropriate function for valuing a specific instrument.

The Function Database allows the user to paste not only functions, but also fully functional examples.


Sensitivity Analysis

Displays Resolution's Sensitivity Analysis tool.

Sensitivity analysis is the process of observing how an output varies over a range of inputs. Entering these inputs manually can be a tedious and error-prone activity. The Sensitivity Analysis Tool greatly simplifies this task. Simply enter the desired range of values, indicate the input and output cells and hit a button. The Sensitivity Analysis Tool will iterate over the given values and produce a data set containing the output for each value. It will then create a graph so you can see at a glance how varying the input values affects the value of the output.


Support Website

Clicking this button will take you to the product support section of our website.



Displays the Support Documentation for Resolution Pro.



Displays the product version and which modules are either licensed, unlicensed or in trial mode. You may also purchase a license and activate a license key from this dialog. Licenses can also be deactivated and used on a different computer from this dialog.


Quick Start Guide

Displays a Quick Start guide to quickly get you up and running with Resolution Pro.


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