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Activating Resolution Pro

Resolution Pro starts with a 10 day trial period with full access to all of its modules and features. To use Resolution Pro beyond the trial period, a license must be purchased. Licenses can be purchased online at the Resolution WebStore. You can view your current license status by going to the Licensing dialog. The Licensing dialog can be launched from either the Excel Ribbon or the Excel Menu bar, depending on which version of Excel is installed.

Clicking on the Purchase button will take you to the Resolution WebStore. There are different purchasing options available from the ability to purchase individual modules, to purchasing time-based licenses, as well as the ability to purchase a full non-expiring license. For special licensing requests such as bulk license purchases and academic discounts, please contact us by email at

After deciding on a product option and adding it to the cart, you will need to create a new customer account. After entering your details, click the 'Proceed to Payment' button to redirect you to PayPal for payment.

You can pay with either a Credit Card or a traditional PayPal balance to complete the payment. As soon as payment is received, you will immediately be emailed a receipt containing your License ID and Password.

Copy and paste your License ID and Password into the activation dialog. And then proceed to activate your computer.

You can log into your customer account at any time to review your licenses and get information such as how many deactivations you have remaining, should you need to move your license to a new computer. The customer portal is located HERE.

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